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25 Kid Friendly Instant Pot Dinner Recipes

Kid friendly Instant Pot recipes are a must in our house. I love using my electric pressure cooker to make dinner because it makes it so much easy to cook up some family friendly dinners on busy nights. Check out these delicious kid friendly Instant Pot dinner recipes that are all tested and loved by kids.

Some of you may remember when I found the perfect easy Instant Pot recipes for beginners. Well, since then, I’ve gotten an Instant Pot (Amazon affiliate link) of my own and I’ve actually had a chance to use it a few times with some success.

My main reason for buying an electric pressure cooker was to help us change up our dinners. We had really gotten into a funk and ended up, on so many nights, with nothing to eat and no dinner plans.

We were all pretty tired of the usual dinners we were making. I was tired of cooking them, and the kids were tired of eating them.

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